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Holden VR Commodore 1996 Bathurst 1000



Holden VR Commodore 1996 Bathurst 1000

Scale :  1 / 18

Limited Edition Quantity 1550


The 1996 AMP Bathurst 1000 race kicked off with a rough start before any cars were on the track. Heavy rainfall came before the race, and even though the rain had cleared when the green light flashed, there was some dark clouds in the distance approaching the race track.
Peter Brock and Tomas Mezera placed 4th on the starting grid giving them a decent positioning considering the bad weather. Safety cars and crashes were a common sight during the race causing many issues. Then things started to go poorly for Brock, on lap 46 he lost his poise for a split second and found himself nose first into the barrier, luckily the damage was mostly cosmetic, a quick pit stop was called at lap 49 to tape up the damage. Lap 52 brought more bad news for the Holden VR Commodore and another pit stop was needed for a mechanical issue that took the Holden VR Commodore out of the leading lap.
For the remainder of the race the Brock/Mezera Commodore gained 5th position and held that position for the remainder of the AMP Bathurst 1000. Brock and Mezera finished the race in 5th completing 160 laps and a time of 7 hours 09 minutes 47.676 seconds.

Item includes certificate and production number plate, mounted to the chassis.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 37 × 17 × 16 cm