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Holden FE Special



Scale :  1 / 18

Holden FE Special Sedan

Limited Edition Quantity of 800


By the mid-1950s, Holden was truly established as the market leader, but their designs were starting to appear dated, their response was the introduction of the FE model. The FE was modern, Australian designed car, the body was bigger and roomier, with a longer wheelbase and wider track. A lower roofline with a flatter bonnet and boot complemented the new look.
FE improvements included a new one piece curved windscreen and larger rear window, helping improve the visibility by 40 per cent. There was a new 12 volt electrical system, replacing the 6 volt system of the FJ, a hydraulically operated clutch and a improved version ‘grey engine’. The power was now increased from 45kW to 53kW with gains achieved from an increased compression ratio and the fitting of stiffened piston heads and larger valves.
Introduced in July 1956, the FE range consisted of the Standard Sedan, Business Sedan and the Special Sedan, by 1957 the FE Utility, Standard Station Sedan, Special Station Sedan, and Panel Van joined the range. The introduction of the wagon in its range was a first for Holden since its inception.
The Holden FE had a final production run of 155,161 vehicles, and was replaced by the FC series in July 1958.

Item includes certificate and production number plate, mounted to the chassis.

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Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 37 × 17 × 16 cm